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Hike the Trails of Branford

Autumn Walk in Mountains
Branford has many beautiful recreational areas with gorgeous trails and hidden gems.  We have highlighted some of the easier trails/hikes for you and your family to enjoy. These small hikes will give you a good feel for the area. If you like it, there are additional trails at each site with varying degrees of difficulty and length!!  Remember to stay safe by practicing social distancing, wear a face cloth or mask and washing your hands. 
Useful Tips:
If you are not familiar with how trail markings work, please see the attached photo that explains what each marking means. Always carry water.  Bring a map with you (color map) or take a photo of the map at the trail head.
If you think you lost the trail it always helps to look behind you and see if you can see a marker.  Download a GPS site on your phone (suggestions below)
Keep your distance. If you are on a hill the person going uphill has the right of way
GPS Apps 

Hike #1 Branford Supply Pond
A scenic .9 mile hike with gorgeous pond views, bountiful wood areas and tons of wildlife.
Enter at the main entrance on Short Rocks Road. Start following the lower orange rectangle markings running parallel to the pond.  After about a half mile, you will come to a three-way intersection where you take a right to stay on the Yellow, Orange and Blue trail. You will only be on this for about 100 yards before you take a right to follow the Blue Rectangle Trail back to the parking lot.

Hike #
 2 Young's Pond - Branford
Enter at the parking lot located on Route 146.  The trail entrance is located on the left side of the field.  For a simple walk, stay on the trail that surrounds the pond.  Be careful...the end portion takes a brief walk in the street.  This is approximately a half mile walk.  You will see longer walks on the map and on the trail boards at the park. 

Hike # 3 Stony Creek Partnership, Washburn Preserve & Weil Property - Branford
The parking lot is located on the left at the end of the pavement on Buena Vista Road.
There are limited parking spaces.  This trail is an easy out, turn around and come back.  You will follow the SOLID WHITE CIRCLE.  The length depends on the individual hiker.  You can turn around after the wooden and cement bridges or continue on the trail until the railroad bridge.  The entire trail is just shy of two miles.  To find the beginning of the solid white circle, go past the map board entrance down the dirt road.  There is a no trespassing sign but the Town has a right away for hiking purposes. You will see the white circle on your left approximately 100 yards past the no trespassing sign.

Hike #4  Trolley Trail located in Stony Creek.
The Trolley Trail can be accessed by the parking lots on Tilcon Road or West Point Road.  It is a straight walk on a flat trail with water views, bridges and stunning wildlife.  You also can add a white loop to your trail to add a little adventure and length.  This trail never disappoints!

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